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Jamie Lee Curtis reveals her 25-year-old child is transgender

Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that her younger child is transgender.

The “Freaky Friday” star told AARP Magazine that she and husband Christopher Guest “have watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby.”

Curtis also shared that Ruby — who was previously known as Thomas — and her fiancé are getting married next year in a wedding that the star will officiate.

Ruby, 25, works as a computer gaming editor while Curtis and Guest’s 34-year-old daughter, Annie, is married and works as a dance instructor.

The longtime Hollywood couple have no grandchildren “but I do hope to,” she told the magazine.

Jamie Lee Curtis is set to officiate her daughter Ruby’s wedding next year.

Ruby’s transition helped the “Knives Out” actress realize gender isn’t fixed, and she since has tossed out that “old idea,” instead learning that her life is a “constant metamorphosis.”

Curtis, 62, also opened up about being 22 years sober, saying she’d be “dead for sure” if she hadn’t kicked her addiction. She now describes herself as “just a sober person — flawed, contradictory, broken and redeemed” and focuses on shedding everything that no longer suits her life.

“Let’s get rid of that, I don’t need that,” she said. “It’s all about old ideas that don’t work anymore.”

Curtis says she and husband Christopher Guest, seen here in 2016, “have watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby.”

The “Halloween” star marked the milestone in February with an emotional Instagram post about her journey.

“With God’s grace and the support of MANY people who could relate to all the ‘feelings’ and a couple of sober angels…I’ve been able to stay sober, one day at a time, for 22 years,” she wrote.

“I was a high bottom, pun kind of intended, so the rare photo of me proudly drinking in a photo op is very useful to help me remember. To all those struggling and those who are on the path…MY HAND IN YOURS.”

The post appeared first on Page6.

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