Providing Affirming Care

for ​Transgender & Nonbinary kids, teens & adults in GA, AL, TN, NC, SC, and MS


We are now offering 100% virtual visits.  No in-person visit is needed for testosterone.​   We can still see you to monitor medicines even if you are unable to get lab tests done right now.

Young Transgender Man
Our Mission

QMed aims to fill some of the major gaps in care for transgender and nonbinary patients of all ages.  Dr. Izzy Lowell, a Family Medicine Physician based in Atlanta, started QMed to improve access to hormone therapy for trans* patients across the Southeast.

There is especially low access to affirming health care for transgender kids and teens. QMed accepts patients of all ages and provides puberty blockers for those yet to enter puberty.

QMed welcomes gender expansive patients of all ages!

Dr. Izzy Lowell

“I started QueerMed to provide respectful and affirming care for the transgender community. Everyone deserves access to medical care, no matter the color of their skin, where they come from, their gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.​ “

– Izzy Lowell, MD, MBA

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Meeting You Where You Are


In many parts of the US, it is difficult to find doctors who are knowledgeable about transgender health and hormone therapy.  Telemedicine enables us to care for patients remotely, using a video conference on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  

With telemedicine technology, our team of healthcare professionals based in Atlanta can provide affirming care to trans patients across the Southeast.  Most insurance plans cover telemedicine, making it both convenient and affordable.

What we do

Transgender Hormone Therapy


Name/Gender Marker change letters

Surgery Letters


What we don’t do

Acute or urgent care

Primary care, physicals



Meet the Team

The QMed Team

Chris Turner, NP

Izzy Lowell, MD, MBA

Michael “Luke” Scarborough, NP

Patient Approved

Trusted By Hundreds of Patients

Dr. Lowell is AMAZING. She s personable and warm- puts you at ease. My daughter has social anxiety and the doc had her calm and relaxed in short order. We live in a place where it has been a struggle to get on the path to treatment and Dr. Izzy was the answer to a prayer. She has made life easier and happier for my daughter- a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN who deserves it and we are so appreciative. We would recommend her to everyone. She is a beautiful person.

This morning I updated my gender marker on my driver’s license. I can’t express in words how thankful I am for you. You have done miracles for me!! I wish I could tell myself from a year ago how much better I would be now. I appreciate your work and your kindness very much.

 I saw Michael Lucas, who’s an NP in the office but just as good as Izzy. You walk into a GORGEOUS purple building to a nice, simple quiet waiting room, which has queer literature on the the table, ranging from religious to humor, and other things too. They have a painting of Marsha P Johnson on the wall!

Finding care in the south that is so LGBTQ centered is so hard and this place is a miracle.   I felt extremely comfortable and respected the entire time. Incredibly worth the drive and trouble to get there!


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