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Gender Spectrum Online GroupsCreating gender-sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens; Offering free online groups for parents, caregivers, and other family membersSupport GroupsExternal LinkU.S., Virtual
Lauren Zimet Foster, MS, CCC-SLP/RET, CNHPPassionate about supporting clients as they discover their inner toolbox and specializing in speech pathologyLife Coaching, Support Groups, Voice TherapyExternal LinkGA
National Center for Transgender EqualityAdvocating to change policies and society to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender peopleLegal, Support GroupsExternal LinkU.S.
PFLAGThe nation’s largest family and ally organization for LGBTQIA+ peopleSupport GroupsExternal LinkU.S.
Point of PrideProviding free chest binders (specially-designed chest compression garments) to any trans person who needs one and cannot afford or safely obtain oneSupport GroupsExternal LinkU.S.
Trans Buddy ProgramIncreasing access to care and improving healthcare outcomes for transgender people by providing emotional support to transgender patients during healthcare visitsSupport GroupsExternal LinkNashville, TN
Virtual Anxiety Support GroupLGBTQIA Anxiety Support GroupSupport GroupsExternal LinkU.S., Virtual
We Are FamilyProviding affirming spaces for LGBTQI+ youthSupport GroupsExternal LinkCharleston, SC