South Dakota Gov Noem proposes a coalition of States to Ban the NCAA

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem held a press conference Monday afternoon to defend her decision not to sign HB 1217, a bill to exclude transgender girls from intermural and interscholastic sports.

Nome sent the legislation back on a ‘style and form’ veto with revisions required for her signature. The bill’s author nearly lost it when asked about it saying Nome had ‘gutted’ his bill. Lawmakers have until March 28 to act.

Noem says among the Coalition’s supporters are athletes and political officeholders . She says, “Once we have enough states on board– a coalition large enough where the NCAA could not possibly punish us all– then we will be able to guarantee fairness at the collegiate level.”

The fact that Noem didn’t have any other Governors present in support of her so-called defend title IX campaign didn’t escape the notice of the reporters at the briefing. When queried as to the states that joined Noem indicated that Missippi was “on board”.

She empathically stated that the bill if made into law would be legally indefensible and made sure to point out the state hadn’t spent a dime on it to date.

The website has a video endorsement of two former professional athletes but does not list any other states. This should be very encouraging to states considering Trans sports Bills as Missippi will more than likely have to foot the bill defending the indefensabile.

Noem couldn’t name a single trans athlete in Noth Dakota because quite frankly there are none.

Alliance Defending Freedom, the anti-LGBT hate group that mass-produced the anti-trans boiler-plate legislation circulated to republicans in 20 states reacted angrily. Calling her presser “lip service” and “political theater in a statement Friday, the ADF described her decision not to sign the bill as a betrayal to “woke” corporate agendas.”

The South Dakota ACLU fired back at the governor calling her new coalition saying it does little to ensure fairness in women’s sports, and that it was simply an attempt to erase transgender people from society.

The organization says Noems’ proposed style and form recommendations to HB1217  do not address the bill’s unlawful discrimination and still leave South Dakota open to litigation and economic fallout.

If Gov. Noem was the slightest bit interested in the disparities caused by men in women’s sports they would listen to retired NCAA Coach Muffett McGraw.

Retired NCAA Coach Muffett McGraw joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the fight for gender equality and how to implement changes in national and collegiate sports.

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