Trans woman Tessa Ganserer set to ascend to the Bundestag

Tessa Ganserer
Tessa Ganserer / Facebook

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen candidate Tessa Ganserer, currently a member of the  Landtag of Bavaria (bicameral legislature) has a good shot at being the first transgender politician to win a seat in the Bundestag (Federal Legislature) and becoming the highest elected official in Germany.

Her potential success during the September election comes with one devastating caveat, her (maiden name) or deadname must appear on the Greens ballot.

Ganserer famously came out as a transgender woman in 2018, becoming the first transgender person in a German state or federal parliament. And Sterilization as a requirement for gender and name updates was ruled unconstitutional in 2011.

However, changing gender markers on official documents remains an invasive and bureaucratic time-consuming mess, something Tessa Ganserer refuses to submit to.

Ganserer herself considers the use of her maiden name to be discriminatory. The transsexual law, on which the regulation is based, is unconstitutional, a change or amendment has been delayed for ten years, she complained on Friday in an interview with the German press agency. According to the current law, she would have to undergo a lengthy and expensive appraisal process, which she finds degrading, in order to change her name and gender before the law. A corresponding lawsuit is pending at the Nuremberg Local Court. In her case, Ganserer considers such a procedure to be obsolete.

“That kind of hypocritical show of tolerance just stinks,” she tells Reuters, referring to the Conservative lawmakers she accuses of blocking pro-LGBT+ reforms in Berlin’s Bundestag while happily draping themselves in the rainbow flag outside it.

Ganserer, 44, hopes to be able to take her fight to the floor of the lower parliamentary house from September, when she will stand for the Greens party in a federal election.

In her crosshairs is the Transgender Act of 1981, parts of which, Germany’s top court has ruled on six occasions, are unconstitutional, but which the federal government’s ruling parties have been at odds over how to revamp.

The last parliamentary vote to reform it, in May, was rejected by 454 votes against and 118 in favour.

“So far, nothing has happened and that’s why I am running for the Bundestag, so that transgender people can finally raise a voice in the place where the legislative decisions on this degrading transsexual law are made,” Ganserer said.

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Judge Blocks Arkansas law banning trans youth health care

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., ACLU Statement JULY 21, 2021 — A federal court today issued a bench decision blocking an Arkansas law that prohibits health care professionals from providing or even referring transgender young people for medically necessary health care. The law was set to go into effect on July 28. The lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of four transgender youth and their families as well as two doctors.

“This ruling sends a clear message to states across the country that gender-affirming care is life-saving care, and we won’t let politicians in Arkansas — or anywhere else — take it away,” said Holly Dickson, ACLU of Arkansas executive director. “Today’s victory is a testament to the trans youth of Arkansas and their allies, who never gave up the fight to protect access to gender- affirming care and who will continue to defend the right of all trans people to be their authentic selves, free from discrimination. We won’t rest until this cruel and unconstitutional law is struck down for good.”

Breaking: Louisiana Legislature fails to override governor’s veto of transgender sports ban

This is the second anti-trans law passed in 2021 that has been blocked by an ACLU lawsuit. Earlier this month, a federal court in Tennessee blocked a law that required businesses and other entities that allow transgender people to use the public restroom that matches their gender to post a government-prescribed warning sign.

“We warned lawmakers that if they passed laws attacking trans people that they would see us in court,” said Chase Strangio, deputy director for transgender justice with the ACLU’s LGBTQ & HIV Project. “This victory belongs to Dylan, Brooke, Sabrina, and Parker, as well as other trans youth in Arkansas who spoke up about the harms created by this law. Our work in Arkansas and around the country is far from over — including with this law.”

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Louisiana did the right thing today and rejected anti-trans sports bill

Gov. Edwards held a news conference following adjournment of the special veto session praising the Legislature for coming together in a nonpartisan vote to sustain his veto of the bill targeting transgender youth.

The Louisiana Legislature has failed to override Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto of a bill that would have banned transgender athletes from girls’ high school and women’s college sports. wdsu reports that the House of Representatives voted 68-30 Wednesday afternoon to override the veto, falling two short of the needed 70 votes.

“I would rather the headlines going out from today to be that Louisiana did what was right and best and we rejected a play out of a national playbook that just had no place in Louisiana. That bill wasn’t crafted for our state. I mean go read it and look at the arguments that were made none of that applies here and I’m gonna go a little bit further….”

“If on the one hand the bill is totally unnecessary and on another it’s harmful then it also makes it mean. It also makes it mean because it’s
directed at the most emotionally fragile children in the state of Louisiana who are not even trying to do that which the law would prohibit them from doing.”

“We have to be better than that we, have to be better than that,” said Governor John Bel Edwards.

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Texas Gov Greg Abbott has final “solution” to the transgender problem

Texas Gov Greg Abbott’s solution to the transgender problem: outlaw medical treatment for for transgender children’, split families and jail their parents for child abuse.

AUSTIN TEXAS. On Monday Texas Governor Greg Abbott told a right-wing podcast host that he had a plan to deny transgender children life-saving healthcare and would reveal the details ‘shortly’.

As everyone knows Texas Democrats left the state to ‘break quorum’, the last resort tactic when all fails, to stop the right-wing governor from forcing his extremist agenda on the people of Texas. Abbott routinely abuses his Gubonoral power to call special sessions. This is a short 30-day period in which bills that failed to pass during the regular session are forced through without the nominal constitutionally mandated processes.

If you can stomach it, Abbott begins talking to podcast host Mark Davis about the ‘crazy issue of gender bending’ at the 11-minute mark. Davis asks Abbott why his special session agenda didn’t include a bill to stop people from “carve(ing) up our kids or pumping them full of hormones”.

Abbott responded that he had another ‘solution’ that will be announced shortly presumably to be put in place without the approval of the legislature. This ‘solution’ would be paramount to Hitler’s final solution to the Jewish ‘problem’ as the effect of denying transgender children healthcare would be the same, with innumerable lives lost, paramount to state-sponsored mass murder. If Abbott has his way a whole generation of transgender people will simply cease to exist.

Texas Tribune reports that Abbott’s comments came as the interviewer, Mark Davis, asked Abbott why he did not add the issue to his agenda for the special session that began earlier this month. Abbott blamed the lower chamber, saying the “chances of that passing during the session in the House of Representatives was nil.”

Abbott was correct about the bills having no chance to pass. Thousands of people showed up when hearings were scheduled during the regular session to defend our children from his right-wing slate of hate.

Video Player


This video was recorded by Kelli Busey on the last day of the regular session as Democrats entered the chamber to heroically defend our children.

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EEOC issues guidance prohibiting discrimination against Trans people

EEOC issues Transgender Guidance
The United States Supreme Court declined to hear Parents for Privacy v. William P. Barr et al, allowing school districts to continue to affirm transgender students by allowing them to use the same restrooms and locker rooms as their peers.

On June 15, 2021, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued new Guidance regarding transgender and gay people in the workplace.

The new guidance essentially reinstates Obama-era rules that were once based on executive orders. However, the new guidance is readily enforceable as the Supreme Court and multiple supportive Federal Court rulings have set Pro-LGBT judicial precedents.

The new guidance is directed to employers with 15 or more employees regarding restroom policies and the use of employee preferred pronouns aligns the EEOC mission with the 2020 Supreme Court ruling Bostock v. Clayton CountyG.G. v. Gloucester County School Board and Parents for Privacy v. William P. Barr et al

Where it all began. September 1, 2016: Gavin Grimm testifying at a Gloucester County School Board Meeting as a junior in High School.

JD Supra reports that this technical assistance guidance does not have the force and effect of law, it does provide employers with notice of how the EEOC may address these issues in the future.

With respect to restroom facilities, the EEOC’s Guidance (issued in a question and answer format) indicates that an employer with separate bathroom facilities may not prohibit an employee from using the restroom that corresponds with that person’s gender identity. The policy does not impact employers that utilize only unisex facilities open to all employees. The Guidance also reaffirms that the EEOC will not recognize the anxiety or discomfort of co-workers as a defense to claims of discriminatory policies.

The EEOC’s new guidance also provides that the intentional or repeated use of a name or pronoun other than one of an employee’s choosing may create a hostile work environment in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. It does indicate that the accidental use of a transgendered person’s nonpreferred pronoun does not violate the law.

The EEOC’s Guidance provides little clarity for employers on how to handle potentially competing employee claims or defenses related to sincerely held religious beliefs on gender and sexuality. As recognized in the Court’s opinion in Bostock, these competing interests may need to be resolved by litigation (that has recently begun).

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Judge Rules Against Teacher Who Refused to Follow Trans Policy

Brownsburg Indiana: A federal judge in Indianapolis has ruled against a former Brownsburg teacher who said he was forced to resign after refusing to call transgender students by their chosen names.

John M. Kluge, a former music and orchestra teacher at Brownsburg High School (“BHS”), filed the lawsuit against Brownsburg Community School Corporation (“BCSC”) and several of its employees.

John Kluge
John Kluge

The judge on Monday rejected former orchestra teacher’s allegations of religious discrimination and retaliation against the Brownsburg Community School Corporation.

According to the judge, Kluge’s “religious opposition to “transgenderism” is directly at odds with [the district’s] policy of respect for transgender students, which is grounded in supporting and affirming those students.”

The judge also concluded that a public school corporation “has an obligation to meet the needs of all of its students, not just a majority of students or the students that were unaware of or unbothered by Mr. Kluge’s practice of using last names only.”

In July, Kluge told the principal he could not follow the name policy, and the principal gave him three options: follow the policy; resign; or be suspended, pending termination. Kluge refused to follow the policy or resign, so he was suspended, the court filing said.

According to the filing, he alleged that he was discriminated against and ultimately forced to resign because his sincerely-held religious beliefs prevented him from following a school policy that required him to address transgender students by their preferred names and pronouns and use of the restroom congruent with their gender expression.

During the summer of 2017, BCSC began to allow transgender students and students experiencing gender dysphoria1 to use the restroom of their choice and to change their names and genders in the BCSC database known as PowerSchool. Name changes
in the PowerSchool database required a letter from the student’s parent(s) and a letter from a healthcare professional.

BCSC employees, including Mr. Kluge, were instructed to refer to students using the names and genders listed in the PowerSchool database, which Mr. Kluge believes constitute preferred names “based upon the students’ gender dysphoria.”

In July 2017, Mr. Kluge informed BCSC Superintendent Dr. James Snapp that the requirement that he use the students’ names as listed in PowerSchool (“the Policy”) conflicted with his religious beliefs against affirming gender dysphoria, and Dr. Snapp responded that Mr. Kluge could either “use the transgender names, say he was forced to resign from BCSC, or be terminated without pay.”

Because Mr. Kluge refused to use the names listed in PowerSchool, Dr. Snapp initiated an administrative leave of absence for Mr. Kluge and Dr. Bret Daghe, the principal of BHS, “issued Mr. Kluge an ultimatum . . . mandating the use of
transgender preferred names, and giving Mr. Kluge [three days] to decide if he would comply.”

Mr. Kluge then requested “an accommodation for his religious beliefs,” and proposed the solution of “addressing all students by their last names only, similar to a sports coach.”

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TX Special Session – Anti-trans sports bill advanced out of committee

Texas trans special session
From 2017: Lt. Gov Dan Patrick with Kolhkorst at his side summons the memory of Martin Luther King while introducing anti-trans bathroom legislation

Austin TX: Republican Senators took advantage of the Democrat’s absence Monday and bullied, lied to, misgendered, and insulted every transgender person in Texas before calling the first gender-expansive witness to testify.

The minority of Democrat legislators weren’t there to correct them, they left Texas the day before to break quorum, a method rarely used to halt the advancement of horrific agendas when all other means fail.

Governor Gregg Abbott regularly calls ‘special sessions’ in hopes of advancing unpopular bills that were defeated by the people during the regular session.

Some states constitutions allow special sessions to be called by the legislature as an equalizer in case of a governor veto, but in Texas, it works quite the opposite.

It is always the worst day of the year to testify at the Texas legislature, but Monday was the worse by far. The transgender people in the Senate gallery, waiting to testify, were subjected to an extremely hostile environment, the likes this citizen/reporter has never seen. If this had taken place in a workplace or on the corner in front of a seven-eleven someone would have been sued or it would have been called a hate crime.

With the Democrats in DC Committee chairwoman, Lois W. Kolkhorst (R) began interviewing a long list of ‘invited guests’ all of whom supported the anti-trans bill and questioned each extensively. In the beginning, Senator Bob Hall and committee member’s language was problematic, but it quickly devolved into outright hate speech.

And when Hall was later confronted with his language he remanded the non-binary witness with a tone that was undeniably hostile, that he had already realized his error and not to correct him again.

When I was called up Senator Kolkhorst pretended not to know who I was. But the sideways glances between members and the look of recognization in her eye let me know otherwise.

I testified against Kohlkorst’s anti-trans bathroom bill beginning in 2017 and quickly reminded her of that. But first I announced in a loud speaking voice looking directly at Hall telling him that I am a transgender woman and that my pronouns are She and Her. If Hall had objected or called me a man, or boy, as he did other transgender women and girls I would have brought him up on charges.

From 2017: Lt. Gov Dan Patrick with Kolhkorst at his side summons the memory of Martin Luther King while introducing anti-trans bathroom legislation

Senator Kolkhorst knew better by her own admission. She allowed and promoted the committee’s behavour to speak about us in such a demeaning, dehumanizing fashion.

I told the Committee that since testifying in front of Senator Kolkhorst in 2017 there hasn’t been a single instance of a student changing their gender to participate in interscholastic sports or of a transgender girl dominating in Texas sports.

Equality Texas tagged the Republican committee members making a historical timeline for prosperity. Each testimony only lasted 2 minutes so understandably they couldn’t name each of the people who spoke.

The bill was voted out of committee as expected but it won’t be passed as long as the Democrats remain in Washington DC.
Insurrectionists have called them cowards but I call them heroes. I will gladly continue to do my part as an American citizen to defend my country against totalitarianism, as I did during the cold war, with every means at my disposal.

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Judge orders temporary injunction Blocking TN Bathroom Signs

TN Bathroom Bill Sign
Rep Rudd amendment did away with the requirement that this sign be placed at front of public buildings. But a sign just like this must be placed on doorways to locker rooms and multi use restrooms. / Bridgestone Arena by Chait Goli from Pexels.

Judge Aleta A. Trauger of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee utterly destroyed the premises behind the Tennesse bathroom Sign law Friday. Judge Trauger then granted a preliminary injunction against the law while litigation proceeds.

NBC reports that two weeks ago, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on behalf of two business owners — who own Sanctuary, a performing arts and community center in Chattanooga, and Fido, a restaurant in Nashville, among other businesses — in an effort to block the law from taking effect July 1.

“Restaurants and performing spaces are businesses, but that is not all they are; they are also among the most important physical locations in which communities—so often consigned, in this era, to electronic space—can gather and grow together in a manner rooted in a particular neighborhood, in a particular city, in a particular state,” Trauger wrote.

“The plaintiffs have presented evidence that they have strived to be welcoming spaces for communities that include transgender individuals and that the signage required by the Act would disrupt the welcoming environments that they wish to provide,” Trauger continued. “That harm would be real, and it is not a harm that could simply be remedied by some award at the end of litigation.”

This is the sign that Tennessee Republicans tried to force Business to post. It is proportionately correct down to letter size and placement and background color.

TN Bathroom Sign

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Texas Gov Greg Abbott calls special session with a slate full of hate

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his lowlife minions are lock and loaded with poison bills aimed at defenseless transgender children. These bills will be effective as of the date that they are passed with 3/4 of votes from both houses or 91 days after the regular session ended.

Dallas News reports that Abbott intends to amoung other things: censor social media and make it a crime to not promote his political views, pass voter restrictions, ban teaching about systemic racism and how white people have benefited from it, and lastly, his veto of legislative funding which would deny pay to legislative staff who work for lawmakers who oppose his agenda in the legislature.

Of particular concern to the Transgender community:

SB 18 by Hall targets “Certain children”  by denying them medically approved gender-affirming treatments. If a healthcare provider or doctor is found to have given “certain Children” puberty blockers or hormones by a “medical board”, as set up by the state, they will have their medical license and their liability insurance revoked.

HB 90 requires all students to participate in interscholastic sports in the sex as indicated by their original birth certificate as issued ‘shortly after birth”. HB90 exempts females from participating in male sports teams.

HB 89 makes giving a child gender-affirming care of any kind “Child Abuse” and punishable as such under state law.

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Trans Inmate Awarded $125K for being housed in a Male Prison

NJ Trans inmate

A transgender woman identified in court papers as Sonia Doe has been awarded $125,000 for being forced to live in a men’s prison in New Jersey for a year and a half. The Court also awarded her $45,000 in attorney fees along with a state policy change beginning July 1, 2021, to house inmates by their gender identification.

Between the time Ms. Doe entered prison in March 2018 and filing her lawsuit in August 2019, the DOC confined her in four different men’s prisons, despite its knowledge that she is a woman. DOC staff tried to force Ms. Doe to live as a man, consistently misgendered her, and subjected her to daily discrimination, harassment, and even outright violence because she is transgender.

According to the ACLU of NJ, two weeks after filing the lawsuit, the DOC announced it would transfer Ms. Doe to the women’s prison, a move that her lawyers had asked the Court to order.

“When I was forced to live in men’s prisons, I was terrified I wouldn’t make it out alive. Those memories still haunt me,” Doe said in a statement as reported by the Associated Press. “Though I still have nightmares about that time, said Sonia Doe, it’s a relief to know that as a result of my experience the NJDOC has adopted substantial policy changes so no person should be subjected to the horrors I survived.”

Newsweek reports that other protections include single-cell housing while final housing determinations are being made; being able to shower separately from other inmates; the right to have input into housing decisions and to appeal those decisions, and a prohibition of physical examinations to determine an inmate’s genital status. Pat-down searches or strip searches by transgender women by male officers will be prohibited.

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