Gov. Laura Kelly on Kansas anti-trans bill “We don’t want to go down that Road”

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly added her name Monday to a growing number of state leaders that are having second thoughts about anti-trans bills reaching on their desks.

On Monday Gov. Kelly commented on the trans sports ban that would block transgender women from participating in women’s athletics saying that it would be bad for Kansas kids and businesses alike.

The bill passed by both sides of the Kansas Legislature would make Kansas public schools and state college teams set up designations for sports based on biological sex: male, female or coed. It would ban any transgender athlete biologically born male from participating in women’s sports.

“I can tell you that we know from past experience not only what this will do, how it will make these kids feel, and how it might exacerbate some of the mental health issues that we’re already seeing. But, we also know just from a business sense how we don’t want to go down that road. We know that when, for instance, North Carolina passed an anti-trans bill a few years ago, overnight they lost $400 million in convention business… It probably totaled up into the billions of dollars of businesses who decided not to make new capital investments in their state because of that. Kansas doesn’t need to be passing any sorts of anti-progressive or really regressive legislation.”

The governor said she hasn’t seen the bill yet. Kelly added that she won’t declare whether she will veto it until she reads it, but shared her intentions based on what she knows from similar bills.

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