Tennessee Bathroom Bills reaches Governor Bill Lee’s Desk

The Tennessee legislature sent their latest Bathroom bill to Gov. Lee for his consideration.

The bill would allow students and teachers to sue public school systems if they encounter people of the opposite sex or transgender people in a multi-stall restroom. It is unclear if he will sign it.

The Tennessee House passed HB 1233 (SB 1367), a discriminatory bill that would deny transgender students access to the correct bathroom and locker rooms consistent with the gender identity. The bill further discriminates against transgender students and opens up schools to legal consequences if a student believes they have shared a sex-segregated space –bathrooms, locker rooms or other changing facilities — with a transgender student.

HRC reports that HB 1233 (SB 1367) is part of the 2021 “Slate of Hate” bills rippling through the Tennessee state legislature, along with the anti-transgender sports and business bathroom bills. These anti-equality pieces of legislation are being pushed by national extremist groups and peddled by lawmakers in Tennessee in an effort to sow fear and division.

TN Bathroom Sign
SB1224: Public Buildings – As introduced, requires a public or private entity or business that operates a building or facility open to the general public to post a notice at the entrance of each public restroom and at each entrance of the building of the entity’s or business’s policy of allowing a member of either biological sex to use any public restroom within the building or facility, if the entity or business maintains such a policy.

The Tennessee House recently passed HB 1182 (SB 1224), a bathroom signage bill drastically stigmatizing transgender people and making access to public accommodations problematic and hazardous throughout Tennessee.

The Senate Judiciary Committee forwarded SB 1224 to the Senate Calendar Committee with a do pass recommendation. A Senate floor vote has not yet been set. The Tennessee legislature remains in session until April 30, 2021.

The legislature is also considering HB 578 (SB 657), an anti-trans medical care ban, HB 800 (SB 1216), a bill that would prevent schools from providing an LGBTQ-inclusive education, and HB 372 (SB 193), a bill to prohibit all government employees, including teachers, first responders, and public officials from attending diversity training.

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