It’s #IDAHOBIT2021 and Why that Matters

It’s #IDAHOBIT2021 and Why that Matters

Today is #IDAHOBIT the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. Every May 17th we join together on the world stage to say no to those who oppress us.

Many people in the US aren’t aware of IDAHOBIT and wonder why the fuss so here’s the answer. Trump took us out of the UN because our united voices are powerful and louder than his.

This year in the United States we are experiencing an attack on transgender people like never seen before. Nationalists who remain loyal to the trump regime are trying to disenfranchise, discriminate against, and take essential life-saving medication from our children.

48 black and brown trans people have lost their lives since the Transgender Day of remembrance on November 20, 2020. at that rate this year we will have 96 transgender people to mourn on the 2021 TDoR.

These haters mean business. Republican Legislators across the country are promoting state-sponsored eugenics and efforts to ‘purify’ the population that hasn’t been seen since the civil war. At risk in their minds, is the future of mankind led by evolved species of humans that they just can’t fathom.

Washington Blade: Biden administration announces global LGBTQ rights priorities

Alone we can fend them off for only so long. United with the world these transphobic, homophobic, biphobic, and xenophobic nationalists in the US don’t stand a chance and they know it. Hence the war on transgender children, the next gendernation.

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