Judge Rules Against LGB Alliance’s request to exclude trans people

A judge in Britain has ruled against LGB Alliance’s Ann Sinnott effort to exclude trans people from the 2010 Equality Act, as first reported by Vic Parson. The LGB alliance is somewhat akin to the US Alliance Defending Freedom in that works hard to erase all evidence that transgender people ever existed.

And just like the ADF, the LGB Alliance couldn’t name a valid reason to do so.

Throwing out the attempted judicial review today, Mr Justice Henshaw, sitting in London’s High Court, said the case was “unarguable” and that its interpretation of the Equality Act 2010 is “wrong in law”.

The failed judicial review was sought by LGB Alliance co-founder Ann Sinnott, who crowdfunded more than £96,000 in legal fees. It concerned the EHRC’s guidance on the single-sex exemptions in the Equality Act 2010, which allow women’s single-sex spaces, like prisons or refuges, to only exclude trans women in certain, specific circumstances.

Sinnott argued that any women’s single-sex space with a trans woman becomes a mixed-sex space and therefore that the EHRC’s Code of Practice was unlawful, because it told service providers to treat trans women as women in most situations. Her argument was that trans women, with or without legal gender recognition, should always be excluded from women’s single-sex spaces.

Justice Henshaw had heard from Dan Squires QC, representing the EHRC, that “there is no evidence that on the basis of the Code of Practice someone has acted unlawfully”.

“It is not appropriate for a court to say that trans women should always be excluded,” Squires argued. “If there is a problem then it can be challenged and the court can judge if a service provider has done it wrong.”

While throwing out the attempted judicial review, Henshaw said: “The Code of Practice seeks to give concise and practicable advice.

“The claimant has shown no arguable reason to believe the Code has mislead or will mislead service providers about their responsibilities under the Act in order to place women or girls at risk.”

Attempts to contact Ann Sinnott for comment on Twitter were unsuccessful since she is a TERF and blocked us long ago.

It began with “get the L out” but when we said fine, it became get the T out, which is not fine at all.

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