100’s of Pride Flags slashed, burned, and stolen across America

LGBTQI Americans celebrating Pride Month are letting those who hate know, Love always wins out! It’s a time-proven adage that we all can live with. But sadly, some haven’t got the memo. The flags have already been replaced with hundreds more and our Pride and our love continue to grow.

Hundreds of Pride and Black Lives Matter flags have been stolen or destroyed during pride month. One person who commented on this youtube video said menacingly that the same thing would happen if they came to his town. I reported him for hate speech. Perhaps he didn’t know that he would also be investigated for committing a hate crime if the situation warranted it.

Lovettsville Va police are investigating the thefts and destruction of PRIDE FLAGs as a possible hate crime.

Dozens of homes are now flying rainbow flags after someone targeted LGBTQ houses in Lovettsville with vandalism and theft.

All during Pride month.

“This is what they did to ours,” Calvin Woehrle said, showing a multi-colored flag that looked like someone had attacked it with a straight razor in front of his home on Pennsylvania Avenue.

GoFundMe has raised $1,500 to date to replace the flags and buy surveillance cameras.

‘LOVE always wins’: Boise community steps up to replace stolen, damaged Pride flags

Pride Flags
Gage Michael Burlile / Ada County Sheriff’s Office

KTVB 7 reports that an !8-year-old arrested and charged with theft and destruction of dozens of Boise Pride Flags

Pride flag burned and hate note left behind in Kaysville, Utah flags stolen in Murray

Theft of a Pride flag from front yard of Dunedin, Florida home caught on camera. The young person may not know the he faces hate crime charges.

Walnut Creek Family’s Pride Flags Stolen Twice

Mother flew a Pride Flag in remembrance of her daughter. She found the pride flag in her daughter’s belongings after she was gone, but it was stolen as was the one she replaced it with.

Pride flags put up once again in Louisville after being stolen twice.

The mayor, a city council person, and the executive director for Out Boulder County replace pride flags at McCaslin Boulevard and Centennial Parkway

Rochester families find Pride flags torn, bent and burned during Pride month

Community responds after Pride signs continue getting stolen and vandalized

Pride flag flying on Central Washington University campus stolen, set on fire

The student that did this was caught and will go through the Student Conduct process, Q13fox. reports. But many believe that is not enough and have started a petition urging the removal of his scholarship money, suspension, or expulsion.

People that hate us are making a grievous error. We stand by love as always, and as always, we also demand justice.

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