The Unfortunate Dangers of Parades

A quickly accelerating pickup truck ran over two men at the Wilton Manors Florida Pride parade killing one and injuring another. According to reports the two victims and the driver of the truck were members of the Fort Lauderdale gay men’s chorus and participants in the parade.

The Fort Lauderdale mayor said that the incident was “intentional” and a ‘terrorist attack’ against the LGBT community. The FBI is investigating claims that Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s car was the target.

Some witnesses said the crash appeared to be an intentional act, but Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Ali Adamson told reporters that authorities were investigating all possibilities.

The driver and the victims were a part of the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus family, according to a statement reported by news outlets from the group’s president, Justin Knight.

“To my knowledge, it was an accident. This was not an attack on the LGBTQ community,” Knight said in the statement. “We anticipate more details to follow and ask for the community’s love and support.”

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