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Idaho College Communications director raises ire with LGBT contempt

Fundamentalist Baptist Pastor Logan Fowler, communication director at Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho has staff and students concerned that his one-dimensional fire and brimstone biblical interpretation of the bible will adversely affect enrollment and the school in general.

About 36 people held a peaceful pride event on the sidewalk of an Episcopal Church across the street from the “Truth Baptist Church’. / Image Lewiston Tribune.

Lewiston Idaho (PTG) – Baptist Pastor Logan Fowler has raised eyebrows by preaching in videos that LGBT pride suggests the acceptance of pedophilia and that the idea of “coming for your children” is a central belief of the gay “agenda.” He also criticizes transgender athletes and calls gay and lesbian people “vile,” and claims that “our world hates God, hates Christians and hates the Bible.”

The demonization of LGBT people by a Baptist fundamentalist isn’t noteworthy in the least. However, Logan Fowler is also the director of marketing and communications at Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho, a publicly funded institution.

As first reported by Inside Higher Ed, some students and faculty members are questioning how Fowler can perform in both of his roles

At a recent open meeting, President Cynthia Pemberton defended his ability to do his job. Pemberton said the college “respects the First Amendment rights of its employees to express their personal beliefs. However, LC State itself supports and values the rights and dignity of all persons.”

Fowler did not attend the open meeting but gave a statement to reporters. “I have an impeccable 15-year track record that verifies my ability to be respectful in the workplace,” he said. “I have held and practiced my faith for all 15 of these years.”

According to the Lewiston Tribune, about 25 people gathered at the Episcopal Church on 8th street Sunday morning to wave LGBT flags and wave at passing cars that honked in support.

A comment made by the “Truth Baptist Church” on the Facebook page said that “Despite the threats, hate, and intolerance,” displayed on the sidewalk at the Episcopal Church which is incidentally across the street from Fowler’s Baptist Church, “we had a wonderful day in God’s house”.

The original intent of the First Amendment was to keep zealots like Fowler from permeating and perverting the newly founded federation with religious demagoguery, the very reason the colonists fled England in the first place.

Madison’s original proposal for a bill of rights provision concerning religion read: The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established, nor shall the full and equal rights of conscience be in any manner, or on any pretence, infringed.

The final version of the First Amendment contains vague language that can be interpreted differently depending on the jurists’ intent.

It is clear that Logan Fowler personally holds the LGBT community in contempt. If he should display that while in his official capacity at the Lewis-Clark State College he should be held accountable just as John M. Kluge, a former music and orchestra teacher at Brownsburg High School was.

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