Texas Gov Greg Abbott has final “solution” to the transgender problem

Texas Gov Greg Abbott’s solution to the transgender problem: outlaw medical treatment for for transgender children’, split families and jail their parents for child abuse.

AUSTIN TEXAS. On Monday Texas Governor Greg Abbott told a right-wing podcast host that he had a plan to deny transgender children life-saving healthcare and would reveal the details ‘shortly’.

As everyone knows Texas Democrats left the state to ‘break quorum’, the last resort tactic when all fails, to stop the right-wing governor from forcing his extremist agenda on the people of Texas. Abbott routinely abuses his Gubonoral power to call special sessions. This is a short 30-day period in which bills that failed to pass during the regular session are forced through without the nominal constitutionally mandated processes.

If you can stomach it, Abbott begins talking to podcast host Mark Davis about the ‘crazy issue of gender bending’ at the 11-minute mark. Davis asks Abbott why his special session agenda didn’t include a bill to stop people from “carve(ing) up our kids or pumping them full of hormones”.

Abbott responded that he had another ‘solution’ that will be announced shortly presumably to be put in place without the approval of the legislature. This ‘solution’ would be paramount to Hitler’s final solution to the Jewish ‘problem’ as the effect of denying transgender children healthcare would be the same, with innumerable lives lost, paramount to state-sponsored mass murder. If Abbott has his way a whole generation of transgender people will simply cease to exist.

Texas Tribune reports that Abbott’s comments came as the interviewer, Mark Davis, asked Abbott why he did not add the issue to his agenda for the special session that began earlier this month. Abbott blamed the lower chamber, saying the “chances of that passing during the session in the House of Representatives was nil.”

Abbott was correct about the bills having no chance to pass. Thousands of people showed up when hearings were scheduled during the regular session to defend our children from his right-wing slate of hate.

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This video was recorded by Kelli Busey on the last day of the regular session as Democrats entered the chamber to heroically defend our children.

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