Acceptance, love theme of National Transgender Visibility March in Sacramento

Dozens in Sacramento gathered this weekend for the National Transgender Visibility March.

Participants met at Crocker Park on Saturday, as Sacramento was the host city this year. There were a number of speakers who talked about their experiences coming out.

Organizers argue events like this are important because visibility can be life-saving for many struggling with their identity. Sashie Yates, 19, was in attendance this year. She recalled when she first came out to her family two years ago, describing it as a crucial turning point in her life.

“I feel confused about my gender, and I don’t feel like I’m in the right body. Just going through a rough time and decided to tell them because I was feeling hopeless and them supporting me has made it so much better,” Yates said.

Her mother, Dana Yates, said acceptance and tolerance is an important message to send to those who have yet to come out.

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center was at the event, providing COVID-19 and HIV testing.

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