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All hail the teen!

An Orlando school has crowned its first-ever transgender homecoming queen.

Evan Bialosuknia, 17, celebrated her achievement on Instagram earlier this week, posting four pictures of her special day captioning it with a short, but powerful, message: “made history.”

Bialosuknia’s post was liked by more than 700 people, many of whom were fellow students at Olympia High School who took to the comments section to let her know how beautiful she looked, how much she deserved the honor, and how proud they are of their queen.

A transgender teen, left, has been crowned homecoming queen at an Orlando school.
A transgender teen, left, has been crowned homecoming queen at an Orlando school.

“It made me feel like I actually belonged,” she later explained to WESH2, an NBC affiliate based in Orlando. “Not just like a joke. Cause that was one of my fears, I was in bed one night like, ‘What if they were just doing this to laugh at me?’”

Speaking from her home — while showing off her “really cute” crown and sash — the teen queen said that she started transitioning just a few months ago.

“I still have a long way to go and a lot more change is coming,” she said.

“Looking back it doesn’t even feel like that’s me,” Bialosuknia continued, saying that she played football for “6 to 8 years and I remember during practices I would stare at the cheerleaders because I wanted to be with them.”

Bialosuknia was crowned last week alongside the school’s homecoming king, whom she called “just a great person [who] just made me feel like any other girl.”

The experience gave Bialosuknia comfort and hope for the future.

“It just made me realize I was not alone and don’t have to go through this alone,” she said. “I have to just keep my head up and know that it’s going to take time and it’s going to take pat

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