Singer Nevaeh Jolie Comes Out as Transgender: ‘It Feels Like I’m Saying Goodbye But I’m Saying Hello’

Nevaeh Jolie is staying true to himself.

On Monday, in celebration of National Coming Out Day, the R&B singer revealed that he will be starting hormone therapy as he opened up about his transgender journey.

Writing that he was “afraid” of sharing the news and accepting his identity, he explained that he previously would “pray my thoughts would lessen” and would ask God if they would ever stop. However, today he has come to terms with his identity and shared that he’s excited to share it with the world.

“I would talk to myself in public just to calm my anxiety, have to run to the restroom and check in with the version of me I felt no one else could see… even though I never felt like I wasn’t myself, engaging with ppl, I just knew nobody knew what I thought of myself when I looked in the mirror,” the 20-year-old wrote. “And why I was so sad. I saw a boy. In a girl’s body who was hiding and doing a good job at it…”

“There would also be times I just felt like everyone around me knew my secret,” he added. “I created a version of myself that was toxic, I demonized myself, and convinced myself I’d never be able to love. After moving away from home and just experiencing the world and how my dysphoria (before I even knew what that was) worsened, I finally did what I was dreading … I looked up the word ‘transgender.'”

The singer explained that he read many stories from trans people and “cried so much I could feel so much more than I ever had.” It was then that he realized, “I had to come to terms with myself.”

“I thought if I just came out to my immediate circle it would be fine it would be cool maybe even eventually it would go away… I was in love and that’s another story but… 3 years later I’ve broke down….got up.. after intense therapy, I have joined communities, I have been more and more vocal with my friends and family…I’ve survived… and now… I’m LIVING 😌✨,” he wrote.

“In two days I’ll be beginning hormone therapy,” he added. “It feels like I’m saying goodbye but I’m saying hello. I’m Nevaeh. The mf playa”

Several artists left comments on his post supporting the decision to come out.

“WE LOVE YOU!!!!!” wrote Tommy Genesis. “You are powerful.”

“yesssss LIVE ur BEST LIFE,” wrote Bria Myles. “live for uuuuu.”

“I’m crying rn,” wrote Mallory Merk. “Love you so much.”

Signed by DefJam, the singer has already released songs such as “Screwed Up” featuring A Boogie wit da Hoodie, “Sorry I’m High” and “Too Much.”

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